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When you think of remodeling and construction companies in Meridian, MS, there is no surprise that we come to your mind first! Meridian Construction and Remodeling Company is the most experienced, trusted and valuable company on the market, dedicated to providing top quality services. We believe that the key to success is making the most out of every project we take. We are devoted to excellence and our clients are our priority! Our company is here to help you build the home you've always wanted or to create a place you'll simply adore out of your current living space.


As a general construction and remodeling company, we offer a wide range of services. New construction services, remodeling services such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling, home improvement, deck building services, fence installation, roofing repair services, and home repair.


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Our Services

Meridian Home Construction Service

New construction - building new homes and home additions

Whether you are planning to build a home from zero or you just want to make some adjustment to your existing place, like one-room addition and improvement, we have the solution for you! From creating a plan that perfectly suits your needs and wishes, through the entire building process, our team is there to guide you and provide you all the information that you need. With us, you don't need to worry about anything! We are completely devoted to our every task, no matter the size of it.

Building a new place

This is the most serious project that requires the entire team of engineers, architects, designers, and workers to work as one. We all share the same goal-making a place you'll simply love and call your home for years! When you decide to start a project this big, you should think in advance about all the possible needs your family may have. For example, if you are now living with your spouse, but you are planning to have a family soon, making a separate room for children is a great idea. Otherwise, you may find yourself one day in a home your family has outgrown, and that is certainly not what you wish for when you are building a home. Or if your family has a member with disabilities, you should make a home in a way that it suits the needs of that member. For example, a bathtub or shower with easy access is a great idea in this case.

Home additions

If you just need a little more space in your home, a cost-effective way to maximize your living space is a home addition. There is an option to add a room to your existing home, by building one on a side of your home. If you want to make sure you are doing it the right way, hiring a remodeling company is a choice you should make! New construction should be a proper part of your home, it should blend into your style and make a perfect match. This way you can add an extra bedroom, dining or living room to your place. Expanding a living area can make such a big difference! You'll feel much more comfortable and enjoy your time spent at home.

Another option is a house bump-out or a simple expansion of your existing space. For example, if you have a small, crowded kitchen space, adding just a few square meters make a completely different space which you can easily reorganize and make much more functional. Our team is here to find the best possible solution for your case.

Home Remodeling Services Meridian

Meridian Remodeling

General home remodeling and improvement are projects that significantly can increase the value of your home, make it much more beautiful and functional. If you are searching for home improvement solution, there is no doubt that you need a professional! Our company is there to help you decide which style fits you best, what are the main problems of your home that you want to fix and which changes you'd like to make.

Kitchen remodeling

There are plenty of reasons why people decide to renovate their kitchen. You may want to add some extra space, to change your old, dull design or find a solution and reorganize the space so it becomes more functional. There are so many things that you need to decide and that's why we are here for! We offer you a wide range of solutions for any type of space. You can make your kitchen the way you've always wanted it to be! All you need is our team of experts, designers and hard-working craftsmanship make your dream a reality!

Bathroom remodeling

The bathroom is usually that part of the house that suits its' purpose but from the aesthetic aspect, it is most likely neglected. If you are tired of your simple bathroom space with no style, remodeling is a great solution for you! Meridian contractors are just the help that you need! We will help you choose a design and layout that perfectly suits your needs and wishes. You'll just love spending time in your fresh, modern bathroom. Years of experience in the field makes us the perfect choice for you! We are here to guide you through the entire process and make sure that you get exactly what you've imagined.

Meridian Kitchen Remodeling Service

Home Improvement

There are so many ways to improve your living space and make it much more comfortable and practical. Adding extra space to your home because your family is growing can be an interesting and fun task. We can help you find a solution you wouldn't even believe is possible. For example, have you ever thought about giving a completely new purpose to your current attic? You may be using it as a storage space to keep old family stuff, but imagine double the size of your home! It can be done with a few additions and adjustment. Or think about your garage space. Do you need a garage that big, or would you rather have an extra bedroom? Think about the options and let Meridian contractors help you find the best possible solution to make your home a greater, more functional and beautiful place. 

Deck Installation Meridian

Deck Builder

Deckbuilding is another service that we provide. Among all the other remodeling and construction companies in Meridian, we have a team of well trained, hard-working professionals, ready to make you a beautiful, custom deck as an addition to your home's value and beauty. Imagine having so beautifully designed outdoor space where you can sit and relax, meet your friends for a cup of coffee or just enjoy the sunny afternoon. On the other hand, building a deck can significantly change your workplace and make it much more attractive to people. For example, having a beautifully designed and decorated deck in front of your restaurant will make people come and visit more often. Who wouldn't want to enjoy such a nice atmosphere?


Fence Installation Service Meridian

Fence Installation

Most trusted and trained contractors here in Meridian are our experts! Fence installation has been a part of our services for years and we have been doing a great job! Many satisfied clients can confirm that. Building a fence around your property is what makes it complete. It has so many benefits, from providing you safety and marking your land to providing beautiful view and intimacy for your family. You'll feel much more comfortable inside your home. But a fence should be a logical addition to your home's design and style. Our team will help you choose the one that fits you the best. From planning to installing, we are here for you. High-quality service materials and techniques that we use to guarantee success! You'll be satisfied for years with your gorgeous looking property.


Roof Construction Service Meridian

Roof Contractor

A roof is one of the essential parts of your home. Regular maintenance of your roof should be a thing you never miss if you want to save yourself from unnecessary costs and home damage. From time to time, your roof will need a small repair. Broken or damaged shingles, small leak or cracks should be fixed regularly. It's a cost-effective way to keep your home safe. People usually don't pay attention to it and wait for bigger problems to occur. We can offer you regular inspections and repair work when needed at a very reasonable price.

Meridian Construction company
Meridian Home Contractor
Meridian Home Remodeling Service

Handyman / Home Repair Services

Finding a good, qualified handyman for home repair and maintenance is hard nowadays. Our team is made of highly qualified and trained professionals that can solve any problem you may have!

Dedication to hard work, success and making the most out of every project we take is what makes us the best choice out of all Meridian construction and remodeling companies. We can find a solution for everyone and you can rely on us without worrying. We know the importance of trust and we will never fail you. So many great projects and satisfied clients over the years are the greatest confirmation of our value. Contact us today and start building the home you've always wanted!


"We use Tommy's team for pretty much every home maintenance service we need. He did our sheet meta roof which we love, he remodeled our downstairs bathrooms and our kitchen, and he built a great deck for us in the backyard. The best remodeling company around!" - Ruby G.

"I own several rental properties in Meridian and every once in a while I either have to upgrade one or just get it repaired. Meridian Construction is my go to handyman service in Meridian to get things working so I can get another tenant in fast." - Jacob R.

"You just can't beat their quality of work. They are meticulous, polite, clean cut, and don't play loud music or curse on the site. They really treat your home like its theirs, and that's something I had to know before letting a company into my home. Tommy and his teams were amazing." - Maria F.

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