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Meridian Construction & Remodeling company is a leading company when it comes to new construction projects. Our team includes experts in the field- engineers, designers, hard-working craftsmanship with only one goal- building your dream house! We know the importance of having a home that truly reflects who you are, shows your style and creativity, but at the same time fits your needs. We are here to create it!

Getting a home that fits you best

When you start a construction process of your home, it is very important to include all your needs and wishes in it. Why? Because making a home is different than buying a new place. It's the only way you can get everything just the way you want it to be. So why not make the most of it? Building a new home allows you to build all your ideas in one place. Meridian contractors are here to guide you through the process, offering a full dedication to the project, from planning to the end.

Every detail matters

When you build a new home from foundation to the roof, you know everything about it. Everything from the foundation to the roof will be known to details. All the materials, techniques and building methods that were used while building you'll know, which makes the maintenance much simpler. That's why having a trusted construction company is essential. Our crew will take care of your new home from building to maintenance.

Home additions are also construction work but require much less time. Usually, people decide to go for home additions when they want to expand their living space.

Adding an extra room

Building an entire room on one side of your home is a great way to expand living space. If your family is growing and you need additional space, relocating is not always the answer. You can use some adjustments and get everything that you need! Building an additional room requires professionals to do the job. Out of all construction companies in Meridian, we stand out with full dedication to the project, no matter the size of it. A home addition should be a perfect fit for your home like it was there always. Matching your home's style and designs, it will be an excellent and functional addition that brings more comfort and space.

Sunroom for amazing relaxation

Sunrooms are usually pre-made constructions. Designed with light materials and large windows, they are just added to the one side of your home. Because of their light construction, they are not built for a whole year usage. You can enjoy the sunroom during the spring and summer months, but it's worth it! Your family will love spending time there, enjoying the sunlight and relax.


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